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Basically, we aim to inspire and help people developing their career path and putting their talent to good use to supplement their income and to gain what it takes to fit the profile of a successful person and intrapreneur.

In this corner, we’ll be sharing well-written informative materials that answer edgy lifestyle questions by providing digital instructive materials and other freebies, as a way to fill the cup for those who cannot find the right opportunity.

The sky is the limit when it comes to inventorying the number of things that you could learn, we narrow that perspective for you to find profession, check out the blogs and stay updated for more.


Meet Ghayth


Ghayth Abdullah is a digital influencer who approaches community through sharing knowledge and personal experience.

Yet another digital-based blogger, Ghayth, 25, is best known for his modest theoretical background in HRM and financial management in that he attracts Pioneer based traffic and conversions. Straightforward he worked hard to build Ghaythblog YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn audience as well.

I’m not a “certified career counselor,” but I’ve helped people before redefine their careers and use their time more effectively. ~Ghayth

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