You’re Lebanese, young and ambitious looking for a place to start? or for a place to host your event?

Alkindy is a Social Innovation Accelerator. It focuses on empowering youth in their journey to become effective change agents in their community through providing three main platforms:

1- A Social Incubator:
A platform to enable youth to become social entrepreneurs. The programs are based on the Human-Centered Design Methodology which has been used for years by social enterprises to develop innovative solutions. It focuses on coaching on comprehensive and real understanding of social challenges, systematic problem solving and business model development, and finally on tools and planning needed in the Implementation Phase.

2- Collaboration Space:
A meeting, events, and work space aiming at connecting like-minded people who are as passionate and driven to make an impact.

3- Learning Hub:
A crowd-sourced Library containing 1000 selected books by the youth. In addition to interactive educational workshops organized by Alkindy or our Partners.

Alkindy is a great place to meet new people. It started like this :

Alkindy opens daily! Come visit and check Alkindy upcoming activities.


Tripoli, El Mina , Labban Street (Minot)
Arrive to The Bike Shop on the highway leading to the Mina Municipality Building. Take the first right after the bike shop. From this spot on follow the signs of Beit El Nessim and Rendez-vous. They are our neighbors!

Summer Opening Hours

Weekdays: 05:00 PM till 09:00 PM
Weekend: 10:00 AM till 10:00 PM
Members have access to the space starting from 9:00 AM on weekdays

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