We listed the amazingly best summer jobs for teachers like you who gets bored during the vacation period! We know for a fact that your productivity level is at its highest point and is never ending. So might as well give you a hint on how can you convert your free time to money.


Being a teacher is a 24/7 job- well except maybe during summer (it’s when everyone gets to enjoy the tan moments at the beach) where students and faculties are given an ample time to spend the great sizzling season with their families or pick a work from the best summer jobs for college students. The decision is yours if you want to stick to teaching for the summer for improvements or you can be bumming with the whole town at the beach. Summer is the ideal season for you to gain more skills and experience that you can use for your teaching job. Since you got a lot of vacant time on sunny summer days, have you ever thought of getting a part time job to stretch the money in your bank account at least for a couple of weeks? We gathered and ranked the best jobs for you this summer: from tutoring to being an online English teacher, from house sitting to being a writer. Make sure you grab that pen and paper so you can diagnose our listings here and check it out for yourself.

Let’s review the best summer jobs for teachers this summer season:

10. Tour Guide

Pay per Hour: $12

Prerequisites: Tour guide training

If you are a natural wanderer being a tour guide for the summer is the best job for you! You only get to escort people for about an hour or two leading them to the wonderful sights of your city and bang! You got fresh dollars after. This is a job you can enjoy and a way to improve your communication skills and connecting to other people.


9. Virtual Assistant

Pay per Hour: $15

Prerequisites: High school diploma

If you have an Office Administration certification that would be a plus factor making you earn more. The best part of being a Virtual assistant is that as long as you have a stable internet connection you will never have to leave the comfort of your home. At least every one of us has imagined ourselves earning while at home in our PJs, right? Right.


8.   Tutor

Pay per Hour: $16.56

Prerequisites: None

While some kids and kids at heart are enjoying their trip to Disneyland, others have to stay at home to be taught and reviewed by a private tutor. If you love getting along with students and teaching at the same time, acting as a tutor will be hassle-free for you. Plus, being a tutor doesn’t require you to get a degree in college as long as you can help students with their summer lessons then you’re hired for this fulfilling job!


7. Camp Counsellor

Pay per Hour: $18

Prerequisite: None (other than owning a valid passport)

If you want to experience more splendid time with Mother Nature and love being hugged by the outgoing kids at the same time, applying for a camp counsellor position is certainly the best summer job for you. As a teacher, being a role model is what you’re best at. The great thing about getting this job is that breaking away from it when school year starts will not be much of a fuss for this is solely for “summer” camps. If you enjoy the outdoor activities and the building forts and tents this job is definitely for you.

Camp Counsellor

6. House sitter

Pay per Hour: $20

Prerequisite: None

Are you planning to go out of town this vacation time? Instead of switching place with a host, why don’t you try finding a house to take care of? By being a house sitter you get to be paid hourly (or according to your deal with the house owner) and you can expect free accommodation in a city or even country that you’ve been wanting visit!

House sitter

5. Sunday school Teacher

Pay per Hour: $23

Prerequisite: None

Establishing a connection with God is always within your hand’s reach. Apply for a Sunday school teacher where you get to teach Bible for the kids and yuppies too. There’s never a dull moment with learning new knowledge about God’s creations. Plus, you get an allowance for teaching once a week!


4. ESL (English as Second Language) Instructor

Pay per Hour: $24.69

Prerequisite: ESL Permit (by finishing a BA or BS degree)

This has been the latest trend in the online business world. Without leaving your couch, you can just go online and teach a one on one English lesson with a foreign student. Unlike in school where you get to teach kids or young adults, you will be handling professional students who need a private tutor to learn and develop speaking English to use it in their career.

3. Freelance Writer

Pay per Hour: $25

Prerequisite: None

If you are looking for a part-time job or another home-based job, you might be the perfect fit for a freelance writing job! Of course, you have to be a good writer and when we talk about being a good writer, you must be able to write worth-sharing and viral-potential articles that will lead to a successful job with your clients. Its a decent summer job that’s best for you- and your wallet too.

2. Teaching abroad

Pay per Hour: $40

Prerequisite: Fluent in English and must have a teaching experience

Aside from volunteering as a teacher in South East Asian countries, did you know that you can earn a real good amount of money when you are dedicated enough on teaching abroad? Like in Japan, companies and schools are hiring for excellent teachers to influence their students. Who doesn’t want to be doing what they love as a career and travelling the world at the same time?


And the best summer job for teachers is – Extra Curricular Activity Instructor

Pay per Hour: $30 to $75

Prerequisite: Any activity you’re good at.

This goes for the one who have mastered arts and music subjects where you can earn $30 to $75 per hour of teaching an extracurricular activity such as painting, horseback riding, instrument playing, and dancing. This is the best summer job for teachers, if you want to earn big money while showing off your God-given talent!


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